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The TTS MasterTune System includes three powerful Windows-based programs: MasterTune-HD, DataMaster-HD, and VTune.


MasterTune-HD is a Windows-based ECM reprogramming tool specifically for use with Harley-Davidson motorcycles that utilize the diagnostic interface. TTS Mastertune also supports 2005 and later Retrofit ECM Service Modules when installed on earlier vehicles.


DataMaster-HD is a data collection tool specifically for use with 2001 and later Delphi-equipped Harley-Davidson motorcycles that utilize the diagnostic interface.


VTune is an easy-to-use VE table tuning tool tailored specifically for use with 2006 and later Delphi-equipped H-D’s that are equipped with O2 Sensors.


TTS Mastertune System Features:

Saves and restores the original factory calibration
Optional multi-vehicle interface
Calibrates factory speedometer
Retrieves ECM information
Avoids adjusting values beyond safe settings
Compares functions quickly in tables
Adjusts front and rear cylinder spark advance
Adjusts front and rear cylinder volumetric efficiency
Changes factory RPM limit
Adjust for different fuel injector flow rates

Reduce tuning time for a smoother running, more responsive engine

View real-time engine parameters

Record data without a computer

Display all vehicle data as well as calculated channels

Save and restore the current calibration in the ECM (factory or other)

Install custom calibrations from other sources
Graphs tables in 2D/3D

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TTS Master Tune

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4 pounds

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9 x 6 x 1 inches

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